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Anonymous said: Hey! :D I thought I am HIM fan, but I got a few questions.

What Our Lord has to do with the band?

Whats the story of Chicken foot?

Did some teacher really lost their job for playing him???

Who Sylvester is??

Whats Love Metal drink?

whats about dogs name Sami??

Hello! First thing’s first, you don’t have to know all that shit to be regarded as a HIM-fan, it’s the music that really means anything :) + I had no idea about some of the things on that list :/

I don’t really think it means anything, but you know that some seriously obsessed fan-girls think that Valo is god…

When HIM was touring in New Orleans some guy told Valo that the the ‘best, blessed, chicken feet’ could be found in a certain shop. So on one of his days off, he went and tried to find this store, but it was closed.¬†

Yes, a teacher got put on ‘administration leave’ for playing ‘Join Me’ to some sixth-graders. There’s an article about it here.

I’m not sure, but I read somewhere that he names his guitars after Sylvester Stallone characters.

I think this is some cocktail that Valo supposedly invented using Jägermeister.

Valo had a dog called Sami that died when he was like 6. It left a large emotional impact on him apparently…

I hope this helps :) and if I’ve got anything wrong, anyone feel free to correct me!!

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