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macabremelody said: Yayyyyyyyyyyy I'm so glad thank youuuuu ! :D ♥ I'm gonna wait for your video then :D And about your exams, GOOD LUCK, you can do it, just don't be too nervous and all will be ok :D !

Hugs ♥ !

:D Thank you, lovely!!!

Hugs for you too! ♥

macabremelody said: Hello ! :D I wanna know if you are going to put a video of you playing the cello ? :) If yes, I'd looooooooove to see it ! Take care ! :D

Hello :) I might post one on my personal account in the near future when I get a chance to use some decent recording equipment! Me and my power-quartet (We’re like Apocalyptica, but with some violins and less awesome) will probably record something soon, maybe after our exams are over. When we do record I’ll be sure to post it here for you!!

You too, lovely ♥

Anonymous said: Hey! :D I thought I am HIM fan, but I got a few questions.

What Our Lord has to do with the band?

Whats the story of Chicken foot?

Did some teacher really lost their job for playing him???

Who Sylvester is??

Whats Love Metal drink?

whats about dogs name Sami??

Hello! First thing’s first, you don’t have to know all that shit to be regarded as a HIM-fan, it’s the music that really means anything :) + I had no idea about some of the things on that list :/

I don’t really think it means anything, but you know that some seriously obsessed fan-girls think that Valo is god…

When HIM was touring in New Orleans some guy told Valo that the the ‘best, blessed, chicken feet’ could be found in a certain shop. So on one of his days off, he went and tried to find this store, but it was closed. 

Yes, a teacher got put on ‘administration leave’ for playing ‘Join Me’ to some sixth-graders. There’s an article about it here.

I’m not sure, but I read somewhere that he names his guitars after Sylvester Stallone characters.

I think this is some cocktail that Valo supposedly invented using Jägermeister.

Valo had a dog called Sami that died when he was like 6. It left a large emotional impact on him apparently…

I hope this helps :) and if I’ve got anything wrong, anyone feel free to correct me!!

razorrazorrawr said: do you have a link to where I can download some radio Bam? <33

To be honest, I don’t listen to Radio Bam, but I’ve done a bit of searching around on the internet and here’s a couple:

The first one seems a little more up-to-date, and I think it has more from past years, so I hope these are alright! <3

thesmashingpumpkin said: your blog is amazing <3

Thank you! ♥

lilithburton-deactivated2011060 said: Hi! I just wanted to say how much I heartagram your blog. It's awesome!
I don't know if anyone has ever asked you this, but have you ever seen HIM live?

Thank you!

Sadly, no, I haven’t seen HIM live :( And anyone who has seen them live is very lucky indeed. 

amy-amor said: I'm from the UK and I love HIM!! ;D

So there are more HIM fans in the UK ;) They are all in hiding, or probably nonexistent, in my town, sadly.. 

Anonymous said: What does the symbol of the heartagram mean to you?

Hmm In what sense exactly?

In the sense of what the symbol represents, I know it’s kind of a given, but it symbolizes the band and it symbolizes the music. A heart and a pentagram; love and faintly Satanic lyrics.. Lullzz.

If I see heartagrams in public, or someone is wearing a HIM t-shirt, I get a little exited and think ’yay, one of the few people in the world with good taste in music :D’ because I swear there is no-one in the UK apart from me that likes HIM. And then again, some people have tattoos of heartagrams & shit, but they’ve never even heard of the band. It just means and equilibrium between good and evil. 

Now I’m just rambling. So yeah, it means HIM and love metal and harmony between good and evil. The heartagram has lots of meanings, like most symbols. 

But most importantly it’s the name of my amazing blog

Anonymous said: Ville Valo is satanic? And the band is satanic?

No, Ville is an atheist. And no, the band isn’t Satanic. People may think that they are Satanic because they use ‘666’ in a number of their songs, but that isn’t even the number of Satan (which is 616). And the name of the band has indefinitely been shortened to ‘HIM’ from ‘His Infernal Majesty’, so that they are not perceived as a Satanic band.

minhaneblina said: Thanx for following =D

No worries :)

call-me-sarcastic said: Love your blog!!! :D

Thank you :)

princess-tillmorning said: love the blog:)
take care!


You too, love xx

nothingisgoingtostopmenow-deact said: That last one was meant to say 'Daily HIM fixes'

I can't fucking type today... "/

No worries :)

nothingisgoingtostopmenow-deact said: Oh, you don't know how long I've been trying to find a HIM tumblr page that is pretty much purely HIM! This, it's practically God to me now, without sounding's worth worshiping. ;)

Daily HIM can now be achieved EVERY day.


Wow Thanks!! I’m glad you like my blog :D

This means a lot to me, lovely, thank you ♥

sadomaticrites said: i'm in love with HIM since i'm twelve, i'm twenty now, i never lost the pleasure of listening their albums! thought i must say that i just enjoyed watching your tumblr! keep it up, i'm following ! x

That’s about the same amount of time I’ve been listening to HIM!

Thank you, it’s means a lot to me :) x

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